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Hi everyone, my name is Justine and I am the founder of  Accelerate Success Online.   My one goal here is to help and show others how to create a successful online business that brings in revenue.  There was a stage in my life not so long ago where I felt this was a dream that was way out of my reach.

But now it is my reality and I want to share what I know now and help others do the same.

​In The Beginning

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Picture this, a single mum working a full-time job house-keeping, also working part-time as a nail technician, as well as cleaning public toilets  2 - 3 times a week, and lets not forget my grandmother than I looked after until she passed, god bless her !!  

Life was busy, so busy that it felt like my life was passing me by and I was just riding the wave.  I was exhausted, highly strung and felt as tho I was trapped in a world I was not enjoying at all.  Of course I love my children but I felt I never had much time to really spend with them, they were growing up and I was missing everything.  

I knew I had to make some changes but I had no idea how?​

Making The Change & Turning Something You Are Passionate About Into An Online Business

I needed to make some changes, but that also mean't 'taking the first step' and taking action on my part, because without taking action you will never know, right?

With some time spent researching online I managed to work out the scams from the legitimate courses.  I jumped right in and took everything in like a sponge, I was determined to succeed, failure was not an issue whatsoever!! 

Yes I still work hard, but I work hard doing what I love now and from home.  I am as mentioned above a fully qualified nail tech which I am still very passionate about and chose not to let that job go, it's my own business, I only work 3 half days in the nail bar and it's my time to catch up with all the ladies and keep up with all the goss, LOL!!​

I Turned My Nail Business Into A Successful Online Business

On and off for over 25 years I have been working in the nail industry and it is a job I have really loved, which is why I decided to create an online business all about nails, sharing my experience and knowledge with others and helping people with nail issues they might be dealing with.  

As it turns out, now www.blubutterflynailtips.com is a very successful business.

Being Passionate About What You Do Can Makes Dreams Become A Reality

Turning a passion into an income has been one of the most rewarding feelings and every day it only gets better.  Not only am I helping others by giving people great advice and recommending what I think are some great products, I am getting paid for it too.

With the best training, a community full of like-minded people from all walks of life, tutorials galore and 24 hour support I have achieved what I thought was the impossible....

Two years ago I would of not had a clue how to put a website together let alone adding images and links, etc.  Now I have a website that is making sales every day thanks to the one on one training and support I have received.

If you too have a passion or even a hobby that excites you that you would like to turn into a successful business or you are looking to expand an existing business then I would highly recommend taking a look at my recent review, because without this training and support from the community I would not be where I am today.  

I hope you take advantage of the training and support I am going to share with you here at Accelerate Success Online.  If you have any questions at all please feel free to leave down below and I will do my best to help or you can find me at the best of times here.

Founder Of Accelerate Success Online

email:  justine@acceleratesuccessonline.com





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