My Jaaxy Enterprise Review For 2016 – The Latest Edition

jaaxy enterprise review for 2016

The Most Powerful Keyword Tool That Captures Instant Data

If you are looking to increase traffic to your website then the 'Jaaxy Enterprise' Keyword Tool is the bomb!!

Built by two successful entrepreneurs that have worked in the world of affiliate marketing for over 10 years.

Kyle and Carson have put together a very 'Powerful Keyword Research Platform' that captures ACCURATE instant data that no other keyword tool can.

This is an advanced keyword tool  like no other,  built for speed, giving you instant data on your competition, how many searches per month as well as looking for keywords that actually make sense to use in your content.  The importance of using the correct keywords when building out your content for your website can  make or break your success.

My Experience Using 'Jaaxy Enterprise'

I love doing keyword research, for me this is one of the most exciting parts when building out the content for my business.  I personally wanted the best so I just jumped right in.   But, that's me, I didn't want to waste anytime.

I took the opportunity and signed up for the FREE Membership which will give you 30 free keyword searches which  is something I highly recommend you try.  No credit card details needed, just a no obligation try, accept it was so fantastic I was sucked in straight away, LOL.

For me failure was not an option, I just wanted to move forward as quick as I could and I knew this platform was the key.  I have a few of my posts ranking #1 on Google now for their keywords.  

Below are just a couple of  screenshots showing you how possible it is to rank #1 Google for your keywords with the help of 'Jaaxy Enterprise'.


Jaaxy Enterprise Review For 2016

Pretty dam cool hey!!!  I never thought this could be possible and check out the results that come up for those keywords.  Unbelievable!!!

  • repair nails after acrylics shows 97,000 results​
  • 'callus remover gel' shows over 397,000 results.

A Closer Look At What Jaaxy Enterprise Can Do For You & Your Business

To make it a little easier to explain I have taken a screenshot below where I have outlined some of Jaaxy's most valuable features.

Keyword Search - This is where you can really play around with adding different keywords and phrases.  Even if you are looking to narrow down your niche,  this is also a  great platform for honing in on un-used keywords or keywords with very little competition but high searches.

As you can see I have just picked out any niche, 'Cotton Thread Sheets' just to see what came up.  Just in that search alone you could be targeting:

  • Egyptian Cotton Bath Sheets - 110 Searches/135 QSR
  • Egyptian Cotton Bed Sheets  -  577 Searches/168 QSR
  • Cotton Bed Sheets -  1124 Searches/231 QSR

Just these few keywords alone have a huge potential to bring in a full-time income.  You can narrow that search down even more by typing in the search bar, ' 1000 Thread Cotton Sheets'  or pick a color  "Black 1000 Thread Cotton Sheets' and narrow it down even more, the opportunities are endless.  The narrower your niche the more targeted your audience will be.

AVG & QSR - These two columns are your guide.

The AVG Column is showing you the average searches per month for that keyword.  Ideally you want to pick out keywords that have at least 100 searches​ or more.  This is an ACCURATE indication of what kind of traffic you could  be getting to your site.

QSR 'Quoted Search Results' - This will show you who your real competition is in Google,  if you are using this data to find out your competition then you are already ahead.  Ideally you want to be choosing keywords that show a QSR reading of under 300,  that way you are almost guaranteed to rank on page #1 of Google, depending on whether your are sharing quality content in your niche.

Domains - This is a pretty cool feature, when you are searching for your domain name,  'Jaaxy Enterprise' can give you the exact results for what domain names are available for your niche website or any website in fact.    It is recommended that you try to go for a .com.  This is classed as a top level domain because Google loves .com.   

Related Keywords - Over to the right of this screenshot you will see a column loaded with other related keywords and phrases that you can try in the search bar to narrow down or target your audience even more so.

Site Rank - This is a great little addition, I love this because each time I add a new post or page to one of my sites, I just add the url in the site rank area, at the press of a button Jaaxy Enterprise will give you the exact position your post is ranking in Google for its keyword.  So much quicker than going through Google one page at a time trying to work out where your post is ranked.  

Saved Lists - This will allow you to create keyword lists for your site,  you can categorize all your keyword research and keep it all saved in one place for when you are ready to begin writing more content.


How Much To Access Jaaxy Keyword Tool

  • Join For FREE - Access to '30 Keyword Searches' and a good look around/ no c/c required
  • Join Jaaxy Pro-Version  - $19.00 Per Month/ $199.00 Yearly
  • Join Jaaxy Enterprise - $49.00 Per Month/ $499.00 Yearly

I personally love 'Jaaxy Enterprise' as you can see from the different screenshots I am sharing with you, there is so much information that adds huge value to you when you are building your business.  

I really wanted access to this information so after I had used up my 30 FREE Searches using the FREE Membership I knew this was the keyword tool for me.

How To Sign Up For Your FREE Jaaxy Account

If you are serious about moving forward fast with your online business then you need to try this awesome research platform out.

The best way to do this without having to hand over any money is to just try out the FREE Version first and have a look for yourself.

I can go on and on telling you how valuable it is for your business to have access to  'Jaaxy Enterprise but in the end I think it is way more beneficial for you to check it out yourself and gather your own thoughts.

Try out some keywords of your own in the box below.

So Does Jaaxy WorK?

Of course it works, it works a treat!!  In my opinion I wouldn't be where I am today without Jaaxy.  It has been a huge time saver and gives me all the information and data I need, including more traffic and more conversions.

Thanks to my mentors in the industry I was lucky enough to come across 'Jaaxy Enterprise' quite early on in my business which has been a huge advantage.  

My mentors have shown me everything that I need to know to create a successful online business, including Jaaxy.  Being trained  by the experts in the field has given me the upper hand!!​

Learn From The Experts In The Field
From Getting Started To Wanting To Expand An Existing Site

jaaxy enterprise review for 2016

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