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Understanding The Importance Of Keyword Research Can Make Or Break Your Success


Learning to use the correct keywords in your content is essential and one of the best ways to achieve better rankings in Google.   In fact here we can teach you how to find the best low competition keywords to use in your content that can almost guarantee #1 Rankings in Google. 

If you can get ranked #1 in Google for at least one of your posts then you are going to get loads more traffic which means more sales.

I am getting around 1,000 visitors a day now to my 'niche website' and one of my posts has been ranking #1 for maybe 2 years now,  all because I spent time researching my keywords so I could target a particular audience. 

A Brief Overview Of What A Keyword Is

When you yourself go to search for something online you would normally type in your question or your phrase or even just a word in the search bar with Google, Bing or Yahoo, am I right?

Okay, well these words or  phrases that you type in are what we call 'keywords'.  So your goal is to find relevant keywords that you would use in your content on your website.  This leads to higher rankings in the search engines, ie:  Google, Bing or Yahoo and a higher volume of traffic visiting your site.  

Once you start to build your content using 'low competition keywords' you will start to see some pretty awesome results.  For example say you had 50 posts/pages published on your website using these types of keywords, this means you have 50 opportunities to get ranked on the 1st page of Google and believe me using this training will help you achieve this. 

How To Find Low Competition Keywords For Your Website Content

There are a few different techniques you can use to  help find 'low competition keywords' that won't cost you a cent, only your time.

Alphabet Soup Technique
  • ​This is a great way to find keywords for your content.  It is a simple technique that I often use.  The alphabet soup technique will give you some of the most popular keywords or phrases searched for your 'niche website' that you can use when building your posts/pages.

Watch This FREE Video Tutorial Using The
Alphabet Soup Technique 

FREE WA Keyword Tool
  • This is another awesome keyword analysis tool that will give you the amount of monthly searches as well as your competition.  Monthly searches and competition is all you are interested in when deciding on what keywords you are going to use.  For example:  you want monthly searches that are 50 or more and your competition should be no higher than 300.  This is what we call 'low competition keywords' that you can get ranked with very quickly in the search engines.

Here is a screenshot below  one of our members in the community put together to help others see what to look for when searching for their keywords.

The Wealthy Affiliate Keyword Tool is FREE for members to use as many times as they need to, it is just one of many  tools this community offers to help you create a successful online business.  Of course you are never on your own, we are always there to help and answer any questions at all that you may have.

​That's not all, as a member you also learn how to build your very own functioning WordPress Website in under 30 seconds with walk through tutorials showing you exactly what you need to do and it won't cost you a penny.  

​Why Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a community like nothing else you have experienced before.  Everything I have learnt I have learnt here, without Wealthy Affiliate I would not have my successful 'niche websites' , or the experience and the knowledge I have now that has brought me so far.

This is a community that offers:

  • ​24 hour support day or night
  • Training tutorials from Co Founders Kyle & Carson as well as the community
  • One on one coaching

There is nothing you cannot achieve if you are part of this community, we are all in it together and we help each other whenever we can.  It truly is amazing.

If you really are looking seriously into a change of income, something of your own then let Wealthy Affiliate  be the ones to show you how to achieve success.

Using Jaaxy As Your Keyword Tool

As a member of WA (Wealthy Affiliate) I do get full access to using the WA Keyword Tool but I chose to use  'Jaaxy Enterprise' because it will also give you an instant QSR reading, which means a 'Quoted Search Results'.  This means that when you search in Google using a phrase you will not get a true result of your competition.  

Jaaxy is instant and will give you the true competition you are up against when choosing your keywords.  I love this tool and use it for every single post I add to my 'niche website'.  

Take advantage of the '30 FREE Keyword Searches' and see for yourself just how instant this platform is.  Failure was not an option for me, I wanted the best keyword tool to help me find the best keywords that I now rank for on my site.

This is a screenshot of my ranking in Google right now.  My keyword has been ranking #1 for at least 2 years and sends a lot of traffic my way.

keyword research

Here is a screen shot of my keyword research using Jaaxy.

keyword research

As you can see this is why I love using 'Jaaxy Enterprise' for research of my keywords.  It is easy to use and there are loads of other benefits I get using it too.  

  • Accurate and instant readings
  • Can give you instant results when you are looking at buying your own .com domain name.
  • Once your posts are published you can go to 'site rank'  tab and this will tell you exactly where your post is ranking in google right in that moment
  • You can create and save keyword lists so it is all there ready for when you start building your content

There is so much more that 'Jaaxy Enterprise' can do, I would never use any other keyword tool now.  

Boost Your Rankings
Using Jaaxy & Try Your 30 FREE Keyword Searches

As you can see from some of the information above using the right keywords for your content is crucial for rankings and traffic.  I hope you take the opportunity and check out some of the different ways you can gather keywords that will convert.  

Remember 'Better Keywords Will Lead To Better Rankings' = More Conversions

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Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016 

wealthy affiliate review 2016

Also if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share with us on keyword research please feel free to leave your comment below or you can contact me via my profile at Wealthy Affiliate.  

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