How To Build A Website And Make Money From Scratch

Don't Be Distracted By The Latest & Greatest Ways To Make Money Online Fast

First things first, this is not a 'get rich quick' scheme.!!  If this is a career path you would like to take, we can show you how to build a website and make money using a proven technique that 100,000's of other successful online entrepreneurs use to build their online business's that create revenue.

Every Successful Business Begins With A Solid Foundation

Without a website/blog of your own,  especially in this day and age it is highly unlikely to become successful and it is usually always the ones at the top that are making the money.

Having a website gives you a place online to share your information with others. It is the core of your business.

Within the training here we will be teaching you how to do all of this step by step.   For the more advanced the getting started training may seem a little basic, but as you move through the training,  even the most advanced marketers will always be learning something new.

 How You Will Earn Money With Your Website?

​We are going to teach you how to promote other peoples products on your website and earn money from it, this is called affiliate marketing.

​Affiliate marketing can be pretty daunting to those who don't understand how the process works.  As an affiliate (you) have the opportunity to promote millions of products and services through what we call affiliate programs.

An affiliate program will provide you with a unique link of your own that you use on your website to promote their products.  When your visitors click through on your link and purchases that product, you get the commission.​


How Do You Know What To Promote & Which Affiliate Programs Are The Best?

Imagine your website to be a house, first you have to lay all the foundations, once you have signed up for your free membership we can get you started with building your website, the first thing we are going to help you with is choosing a niche.  

You won't need to worry about what to promote just yet or which affiliate programs are best to use​.  We will be breaking the entire process down for you, this is something you will find out more about once you get into your training.  

One step at a time.....​

What Is A Niche?​

A niche is a group of people all looking for something specific.   What we are going to show you is how to narrow down your niche to a very specific audience.   If you can imagine a group of people all looking for that one specific thing and information about that thing, you are off to a great start.

Please don't let this scare you off before you start, this is something we will teach you how to do, so don't panic!!!​

​Where Is The Best Place To Start?

Here of course!!  I am serious, we can teach you how to create a successful online business with step by step training and one on one coaching from the experts.

I know this sounds a little too good to be true, but hear me out.

I too was once where you are right now, and in just under 3 years I have built from scratch my own niche website that brings in a healthy income each month.

​How Long Did It Take Me To Start Earning An Income?

The truth is it took me a little longer than most.  I was a single parent, working between 60-70 hours per week.  

Once I got my children to bed, that was my time!!!  A couple of hours a day was all I put in, in the beginning.  Then everything changed and I was able to resign from my full-time position and focus completely on building websites. 

Failing was not an option for me, I was determined to succeed, I knew I had found something special when I stumbled upon Wealthy Affiliate, all I needed to do was stick to the  training and keep believing in myself and my goals.

how to build a website and make money

I know that without the training and support that I had here, I would not of been able to make this happen. 

Getting Started Is FREE!!!  No Up Sells Or Spam

​This is a safe place, a place where people come to together and support each other.   You will never feel like you are on your own and if you don't understand some of the training there is always support from the WA Team as well as our wonderful community.

We will show you how to find a niche of your own, and teach you how to earn money from that niche all for FREE!!

First, you need to focus on building a solid foundation before you can begin to earn revenue. ​

How to build a website and earn money

I look forward to working with you and helping you to achieve your goals!!!  Let us show you how to build a website and make money, I promise that it will be the best decision you ever made.

Please feel free to leave any questions you have at all down below, I am happy to help the best I can :)

"In Order To Succeed, Your Desire For Success Should Be Greater Than Your Fear Of Failure"

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