Earn Money As A Stay At Home Mom – An Opportunity Of A Lifetime

earn money as a stay at home mom

​The Opportunities Are Endless & So Is Your Success!!!

Before I touch on how you can earn money as a stay at home mom I would like to share a bit about my background.   

Being a mom myself has been probably one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences in my life and still is.  But without sounding selfish, I needed a goal of my own.

Shoot me for feeling as tho being a mum wasn't enough.  I just wanted to be excited about learning and achieving something that could possibly earn revenue while being at home.

For years prior to starting my online business and working 60 hour weeks I surfed the internet looking for ways online that I could earn revenue.  Life was passing me by and I felt as though I had no control over it.

After many years of working so many hours it was time to put my children first, but the problem was all I ever found was get rich quick schemes or scams and this was very frustrating.

I actually started to believe that there was nothing legitimate online that made an income.



Until 3 Years Ago When I Found Wealthy Affililiate

I know what you are thinking, affiliate marketing, really?  I know, but it works and it is still working today.  It has been nearly 3 years since I started my journey with affiliate marketing and I have achieved what I thought was impossible.

I have learnt how to build  profitable websites from scratch and now receive money every month and that excites me more than anything, not only because it was something I was very skeptical about in the beginning but because every month my websites are making more and more money.



For someone who didn't really have a clue how to set up a website, write content, create banners, add links and images I think I have done a pretty amazing job. 

Where Did I Learn How To Pull This Off?

earn money as a stay at home mom

​I signed up for a FREE Membership with a company called 'Wealthy Affiliate'.   Before signing up I did a little bit of research of my own,  just to get an idea of what other people were saying about the training and support.  I had to be 100% sure it wasn't another get rich quick scheme.  

Much to my surprise I couldn't find one bad review about them,  which really got my attention.  After signing up I got straight into the training and spent some time within the community asking other members questions, reading  posts and training that members of the community had shared.

From day one I have only experienced the best when it came to support and help from other members of the community, they will actually stop what they are doing just to help you out,  I knew then that Wealthy Affiliate was a very unique training platform.​

The Training & Support Is Overwhelming!!!

If you have a dream to earn money from home then anything is possible within this community.  The quality of the training here is unbelievable, everything is created from scratch with step by step video tutorials, which is awesome if you have no idea what you are doing, which was me!!  

Most online training courses will tell you how easily you can make money using their system, but Wealthy Affiliate actually show you how to actually put it  into action, but step by step. ​

Here is a sneak peak of one of the tutorials just so you can see for yourself how a a training session within the WA community is presented and how easy it is to follow. 

earn money as a stay at home mom

​10 FREE Awesome Lessons That Will Get Your Website Rolling!!

Below is a screenshot of what the Getting Started Online Entrepreneur Course will include.   These lessons are your first step to learning exactly how to set up a successful online business that can generate revenue.  

You will be learning a lot in these lessons, so take your time, ask as many questions as you need to within the community,  we are there to help you through every step of the way. 

earn money as a stay at home mom

FREE Access To The Entire Community & Their Training

​You will also have access to the entire community,  which means you can ask questions, check out the training and tutorials that members of the community have kindly shared to help others move forward with their businesses.

Here is just one of thousands of training posts, this one is shared by Loes who has been a part of this community for about 2 years,  a mother of 6 that has built 6 successful online businesses.

earn money as a stay at home mom

Not One But TWO FREE Websites

earn oney as a stay at home mom

Yes, after signing up you will also get the opportunity to build your website/s using WordPress Express as well as FREE Hosting.

Are you aware of how valuable this is?  Hosting costs can add up, to have this included in your membership is a real bonus.  You could be looking at over $12 per month for hosting packages  outside Wealthy Affiliate.  

Join This Discussion & See What Other Moms Have To Say

Here is an active discussion that I have just started within the WA community asking if there are any other stay at home moms here using the Wealthy Affiliate Platform to earn an income.   Check out what other moms are saying.

Are You Getting Excited Yet?

Of course you are, how could you not be, this is an opportunity to create an online business of your own that could generate an income for you.   

There are no obligations whatever,  this is my guarantee to you as a mother!!  I am not trying to sell you anything here, just help you do what I have done myself, achieve success!! 

Getting Started Is This Easy, Just Click On The Image Below

earn money as a stay at home mum

Being A Part Of An Amazing Community

Although the training is excellent, without this community I don't think, in fact I know that I would of never made it this far.  

​These people are the best.  You will get the opportunity to chat with some of the worlds best online entrepreneurs that will assist you whenever they can.  There are no questions too silly :)


Have You Got A Passion Or A Hobby That You Could Turn Into A Business?

earn money as a stay at home mom

Everybody has a passion for something, a hobby or a sport, health, fitness?  These are just examples that may give you ideas.

I for instance am a fully qualified nail technician and for years I have been focused on mainly acrylics and shellac.  

I am still working  2 - 3 days a week simply because I feel that it will benefit my online business having that connection with women and hearing about their concerns about their nails.

My passion is now helping women get their natural nails back to health after wearing artificial nail coatings.  I am very passionate about the products I promote and know they work.  

This makes it a whole lot easier when you are choosing what to focus your website on.  Helping others find information about stuff (your passion) and promoting the product that can help them.​

Helping You Get Started?

I have probably overloaded you with information here which can be a little overwhelming.  

But, there is more, lol,  what I would like you to do is take a look at my Wealthy Affiliate Review so you can gather even more information about Wealthy Affiliate and what they are all about.

If you like what you see, ​then sign up today!!!  Learn to earn money as a stay at home mom by turning your skills into profit.

I want you to promise me one thing, if you decide to sign up, make sure to fill in your details and get your profile page set up.  This makes it a whole lot nicer when you are connecting with other members of the community.

If you have any questions at all you are very welcome to leave them down below and I will help you the best way I can.  Remember the only silly question is the one you don't ask!! :)​

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