Bach Rescue Remedy Review – Original Flower Remedies

Dealing With Depression,  Anxiety & Stress Using A Natural  Blend Of Flower Remedies

Dealing with the day to day stresses of life can get all too overwhelming at times. Sometimes using a blend of natural remedies can be all you need just to help take the edge off and give you some relief.

​My Bach Rescue Remedy Review - A Perfect Natural Solution That Can Be Used By The Whole Family



Product:  Bach Rescue Remedy

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Bach Rescue Remedy Review

An inactive ingredient such as alcohol in most cases has no harmful effects.

bach rescue remedy review

A Breakdown Of The 5 Flower Remedies & How They Will Help You

Impatiens - Aids in giving fast relief to people that lack patience with others and feel that everything has to be done now!!  

bach rescue remedy review

Clematis Vitalba (Old Mans Beard) - This has great benefits for those that tend to withdraw from life, it assists in restoring balance to one's emotions.

I tend to think this is all part of dealing with depression, I know myself when I am feeling really down I tend to enjoy my own space and can push my family away.

Old Mans Beard helps me keep it together and move through my problems whilst still engaging with my family and friends. ​

Bach Rescue Remedy Review

Rock Rose - Is a great remedy for people that suffer from anxiety and/or panic attacks.  This has been very beneficial for me, I have suffered from anxiety and depression for years. I have also found it helps get my focus back after feeling those emotions coming up.

bach rescue remedy review

​Star Of Bethlehem - Is known for its comforting effects for those dealing with previous trauma or tragedy in their life.  Many of us have had to deal with loss and grief in our lives and although time heals, for some it is a feeling of sadness that we carry around with us everyday.   The Star Of Bethlehem can help to nurture that pain and helps to provide comfort.

bach remedy rescue review

Cherry Plum -  I don't know about you, but I have often felt like I am loosing my mind, especially when there is a lot going on around me.  For example sometimes I may feel that I have no control over a situation and my  thoughts tend to effect become irrational. 

OMG!!  I sound like a mad woman, but believe me I am completely normal and know that many others feel the same way at different times in their life.

Cherry Plum has ​calming qualities and also helps to keep my thoughts under control.

bash rescue remedy review

Does Rescue Remedy Really Help?

Absolutely!!!  We always have a bottle of this handy, I even give it to my children when they are finding things a little hard in their little life.

There are other great products available from Dr Bach's collection of products, can you believe they even have one specifically formulated for pets.  Yup!!

I swear by mine, it gives me a sense of calmness  and brings me back to that feeling that everything is going to be okay.  

If you find yourself struggling with your emotions then I would highly recommend Rescue Remedy to take the edge off.

I hope my Bach Rescue Remedy Review has given you the push to grab some, it's been a life saver in our household.

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