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Understanding The Basics To Affiliate Marketing 

When people ask me how my 'niche website' is going, one of the most common questions I get asked is, "so do you ship your products here and then send off to your customers, how to do you do this?"  Easy, I sell other peoples products!!

This is called  'Affiliate Marketing',  and you as the Affiliate have the choice of millions of products and services that you can promote online, the opportunities out there to be successful as an Affiliate are endless. 

There are Affiliate Programs that offer up to 75% commission for products you promote depending on which Affiliate Program you use.  All you need to know is how to drive traffic to those sites so your visitors will buy, it's that simple.

First Things First - Do You Have Your Own Website?

Every online success story begins with a website/blog,  this is how we are going to promote your products to be able to create an income.  If you have still yet to get your website up and running  then you need to look at getting this set up first so we can help you get the ball rolling as an Affiliate.

We have one on one coaching here and loads of support that can help you do this and  it won't cost you a penny.   In fact if you are serious about making an income as an Affiliate we can lead you through the entire process.  All you need to do is fill in your details to sign up for a FREE Account, and you can have a website set up of your own in minutes. 

​Already Have A Website Of Your Own  But Not Sure How To Get Started As An Affiliate?

If you already have your website set up and running, then I am assuming you would have at least 10 posts using 'low competition keywords' targeting your niche and you would have started to see some traffic on your site.   If so,  you are ready to start monetizing your site.

There are loads of Affiliate Programs out there to choose from, the best way to find them is by typing your niche product + Affiliate Program into the Google search bar.  This will list out just a few Affiliate Programs that are related to the niche or product you are promoting.

For Example:

affiliate marketing

​As you can see from the above example there is a list of Affiliate Programs that you can look into and these types of services are available in just about any niche.

Once you have signed up for a couple of different Affiliate Programs you can begin to add images and affiliate links to your content on your website leading your customers through to purchasing your chosen product.  The affiliate links you are given to promote your products are your links only,  which means when a customer clicks through to buy via your link,  this will show as a sale which you will receive commission for.


As you can see  from the above screenshot, this is an example of just one of my websites using Amazon Associates as my Affiliate Program.  This particular website is in the very early stages but as I build my content out and add links and product reviews, sales will increase.

​What Makes Your Visitors Buy From You?

When people are searching online for products, information about products or even where they can buy products and they come to you, they want to read content that is relevant to what they are looking for, they are also looking for advice or help about a certain product or problem they are dealing with.  

Your customers don't want to feel pushed into anything when they visit, they want information and this is where you can establish trust with your visitors.  You are not trying to 'make the sale' here,  this is when you are doing your very best to help your visitors and then once you have established trust you can then make recommendations for them.

​This will all come with experience, I like to choose niches that I love to learn about or know a lot about already, when building a 'niche website' I personally feel that if you are passionate about what you are teaching or promoting then establishing trust will come naturally.

​Let Us Show You Everything You Need To Know To Be A Success At Affiliate Marketing

When I first started my training at Wealthy Affiliate I was very skeptical, only because I had come across so much stuff online that promise you the world, you know the 'get rich quick' talk and honestly it is all a load of lies.  These are people that just want your money to make them rich but once you have paid you are on your own.

I have always been a very hard worker and given 100% to all of my jobs over the years and that is the sort of person I am.  But I was never truly happy with what I was doing,  I felt owned, trapped and sometimes very down. 

Until I accidentally stumbled onto the Wealthy Affiliate University website and this was when I really knew I could change the path of my life. 

​Why Wealthy Affiliate

I had never seen any other learning platform like WA, for a start there is no starting fee at all.  You get to join up for FREE and have a look around, talk to others and join in on discussions that are all related to building a successful business online. Of course we all have some laughs too now and again which is awesome I think.  The trust that you want your visitors to feel when they visit your website is exactly how I feel at WA, we are all there to learn and help each other.

Once You Have Signed Up This Is What You Will Have Access To

Once you have signed up for your FREE Account you have the opportunity  to start building your website with one on one coaching of course or you can just hang out and get familiar with the WA Platform, even ask questions if you like.  We will do our best to answer all of your questions as best as we can.

You will also get some welcome aboard messages from a few of us, including Kyle and Carson who are the Co Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate, which I think is great.  I thought it was really nice and I felt important like I actually mattered,  not my wallet.


Included In Your FREE Membership is:

  • 2 FREE Websites
  • One On One Coaching For 7 Days
  • Training Galore
  • Video Tutorials With Step By Step Guidance
  • Keyword Research Techniques
  • More training
  • Live Support

You will also get access to the community and can ask as many questions as you need to, no question is a silly question so ask away.

Below is a screenshot that I just took to show you just how fantastic the training platform within Wealthy Affiliate is.   I just typed 'affiliate marketing' in the search bar and you can see how many training posts as well as questions that others are asking.  

I believe the questions are just as valuable as the training.  Everyone that is part of this community can contribute to questions being asked which is awesome because this is another way you can learn too.

affiliate marketing

Remember it is never to late to start a new adventure, especially one that could change the path of your life.  Before you go pop on over to my Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2016,  this may help you understand a little more about what kind of training platform you will need to succeed in Affiliate Marketing.

Otherwise I may catch you in the WA Platform.  :)

Please feel free to ask any questions below and I will do my best to answer you as best as I can.

Founder Of Accelerate Success Online

email:  justine@acceleratesuccessonline.com

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