Advanced Learning Platform – Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

A Training Center & A Supportive Community All Rolled Into One = Success

wealthy affiliate review 2016

Product:  Wealthy Affiliate University 
Overall Ranking:  98/100
Price:  $0 - Starter Membership
Owners:  Kyle & Carson - Co Founders

Introduction To Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is the most advanced training platform that you will ever come across online.   I know this first hand because I am a member of this amazing community myself.

In fact I have spent the last 3 years learning and building  'niche websites', with the help of WA and the awesome community, I know that without this training and support I would not be where I am today.  My Wealthy Affiliate Review is coming from an insiders point of view.

Below is a screenshot of one of my 'niche websites'.


Why Give Wealthy Affiliate A False Rating?

Giving WA a 98/100 rating is actually a false rating,  if I was to be completely honest I would be rating WA 100/100  but I don't think that would sit right with some, this is why.

My partner and I have a common joke, which is, whenever I cook dinner for my family,  my children and partner rate the meal.  Sounds ridiculous I know but it is something silly that we like to do.

I have never been given a 10/10,   I have asked why this is and this is the answer I got,  "if you get a 10/10 for all your meals then you will never try to do better", LOL.

This is why I believe Wealthy Affiliate is so unique and 1,000's of others would agree,  Kyle & Carson the Co Founders Of Wealthy Affiliate are always active in the community helping  members get their businesses rolling as well as constantly updating training and lessons which is something you don't see very often.  

This is a learning platform that is constantly getting better and better all the time, as you can see after I searched for updated training within the WA platform what came up below.


Why Wealthy Affiliate Stands Out In The Crowd

The benefits of being a Wealthy Affiliate are overwhelming, this is a legitimate community that help and support each other, you will even make friends here.

If you are serious about building a successful online business, then this is where you can achieve it.   All the training is broken down into step by step lessons that make it very simple to put into action.  ​

Put it this way, if you found your way to this review then you are very capable of building an online business here at Wealthy Affiliate. 

Here are just a few of the benefits available to you at WA:​

  • A Step By Step Getting Started Training Course  (SIMPLIFIED)
  • One on One Coaching for 7 days with the experts
  • Video, Tutorial & Classroom Training PLUS More Courses
  • Support from 100,000's Of Community Members
  • Connect with 24/7 Live Support & Help
  • Take Part In Over 12 Fully Active Classrooms
  • 2 FREE Websites
  • State Of The Art Secure & Fast Hosting
  • Opportunity To Connect With Successful Online Entrepreneur's & Millionaires
  • Be Part Of A Spam Free Environment
  • FREE To Get Started (Obligation & Risk Free)

Below is a screenshot of the Certification Courses starting at Level 1, working through to Level 5.  Each Level consists of 10 Lessons. 


wealthy affiliate review 2016

Why Wealthy Affiliate Offer FREE Training

Wealthy Affiliate have touched on a sore point for so many.   I had been searching online for something legitimate for a very long time, even to the point where I actually had finally given up hope.  I believed everything was a scam and was a sucker for a couple of them too.  

It wasn't until one day a few months later I decided to do some more research and I accidentally came across WA.  One of the very first things I noticed which I am sure you will too,  is the cost.  'FREE', really?   No way I thought, so I took the opportunity to sign up since I wasn't taking any risks and took a very good look around. 

I spoke to some of the members in the community and ran through some of the training courses just so I could see for myself if WA was a legitimate training platform, not just another scam.  

I loved what I saw and I knew something had to change in my life so I jumped right in and got stuck into the 'Getting Started' training,  for FREE.​

​Three years later I have a successful online business of my own, thanks to Wealthy Affiliate and the support of the community.  

Wealthy Affiliate Even Offer Live Training Webinars

Every week you will have the opportunity to log in to Jay's Live Training Webinar's here at Wealthy Affiliate.  Each webinar is full of great training to keep you on your toes.  If you are not able to watch these webinar's live you can replay them in your own time as many times as you need.


Can Anybody Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone can be part of this community, there are so many already from all walks of life that have turned their lives around, given up their full-time jobs, some the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.    Which you will get to communicate with when you join us.

If you are willing to put in the time and do the training then the world is your oyster.  Nothing come's easy,  there is no 'get rich'  button here.

This is life, except now you have the opportunity to achieve success with the help from other successful entrepreneurs that know this already.

​If you have access to the internet and a PC or iPad then you have everything you need to get started,  it doesn't matter what your expertise is.

WA will give you the tools and support to turn your dreams into a reality.​


  • There is 24 hr support, which is something I have benefited from big time, there is always help.
  • No question is a silly question, only the one you don't ask!!
  • Gives you focus and a positive mindset
  • Make friends
  • Everything  you need to know about building your business is here, you will never need to look outside Wealthy Affiliate for answers.
  • Activates your mind and gets you motivated
  • Lots of learning and training modules 
  • Doing things you never thought you were able to do
  • Wealthy Affiliate gives you an opportunity to make your dreams come true.


  • Sometimes you may feel a little overwhelmed because you are learning so much
  • The more you put into your business, the more you will get out of it, in other words hard work will pay off.
  • Finding the time in your normal day to day routine to put into your online business.

Just Some Of The Many Success Stories Within The WA Community

wealthy affiliate review 2016


wealthy affiliate review

Wealthy Affiliate Review 2016

The Price 

Wealthy Affiliate has 2 membership price points being:

  • A FREE Starter Membership - $0  (JOIN HERE)
  • Premium Membership - $47 Per Month (JOIN HERE)

Starting with the FREE Membership was the best choice  for me, especially since I already had a fear of being scammed.  Joining this way gave me the opportunity to gather my own thoughts on Wealthy Affiliate and make my own decision on whether this was for me.

Once you join as a starter you get access to the entire community, this will also include:

  • ​Instant access to comments area
  • Networking
  • Over 3 Classrooms
  • Over 500 Training Modules
  • Let's not forget the 2 FREE Websites
  • Use of the FREE WA Keyword Tool

I personally feel this is a great starting point and I am sure most would agree.  There is nothing worse than feeling cornered or pressured.   This is not what WA is about, there is absolutely no up sells or pressure to go Premium at all within this community.   That is something you can decide for yourself once you have a good look around and get some feedback from other members if this is what you need.   

One of the first things that grabbed my attention was that I have never seen another training platform or community like this online.  Nothing else compares to even the FREE training here at WA .

The Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership is like the whole package rolled into one.  Once you join as a Premium Member you will never need to look any further for anything in regards to building a successful online business.   Everything is here within this community, including one on one coaching from the experts.

If you feel that Wealthy Affiliate is for you then I would also keep an eye out on Kyle's Bonus Offer,  I think instead of paying $47 per month I pay yearly and it saves me $200 which is a hell of a lot cheaper.

I nearly forgot to mention that if you decide to stick around you get access to the Premium Membership for only $19.00 in your first month.  Which is a great opportunity for you to really get involved and ask as many questions as you can.​

After joining the Free Membership and getting a good taste of what is available here within the platform I knew that this was the best possible place for me to be to succeed, so I upgraded to Premium within the week. 

wealthy affiliate review 2016

The Support Is Overwhelming

To me this is huge!!!  I could find my way around google and send emails, etc, pretty much just the basics.  But now I am making an income that I created myself with the help and support here.   Without this I would never of made it this far.  

People will willingly go out of their way to help you, I love being in a community that care and this is what makes WA so unique. 

If you have a hobby or a passion or even a product of your own you are in the perfect place to get things rolling.  You are never on your own, the community, Kyle & Carson and of course myself will be there to help you through every step of your journey.

My Final Thoughts On Wealthy Affiliate

I believe Wealthy Affiliate offers the most advanced online training platform and is 100% legitimate.  There are no promises here if you join up, in other words this is not a get rich quick system.  

If  you are willing to put in the time and do the training then the world is your oyster.  It's up to you.  

Read Real Testimonials:  Read Reviews

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wealthy affiliate review 2016

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